2023 Annual Meeting

The next annual meeting of the Medical Society of the United states and Mexico is scheduled to be held in:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Date: September 27 – 30, 2023

Location: Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa

Hotel Information 2023

We’re always looking for your participation helping to provide CME credits for our scientific program and presentations. We are looking for volunteers who can provide a paper, 1/2 hour to 1 hour long.

For further information or to be part of the presentation, please contact:
Lelia Dodds
P O Box 1 
Santa Clara, NM 88026

We will be sending emails with meeting information to all active and mailing list members. Please let Lelia know of any changes in your email address and contact information. To be added to our mailing list or have colleagues that would like to join the Society, send your address, phone, and e-mail to Lelia Dodds, leli57@msn.com

Past Meeting Sites:

2022 – Puerta Villarta, Mexico
2021 – Canceled due to Covid
2020 – Guadalajara, Mexico Canceled due to Covid
2019 – Guadalajara, Mexico
2018 – Guadalajara, Mexico
2017 – Guadalajara, Mexico
2016 – Lake Ajijic-Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
2015 – Lake Ajijic-Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
2014 – Lake Ajijic-Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
2013 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
2012 – Oaxaca, Mexico
2011 – Puebla, Mexico
2010 – Santa Barbara, California, USA
2009 – Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA
2008 – Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
2007 – San Luis Potosi, Mexico

2006 – Morelia, Mexico
2005 – Zacatecas, Mexico
2004 – San Diego, California, USA
2003 – Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
2002 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2001 – Oaxaca, Mexico
2000 – San Francisco, California, USA
1999 – San Miguel, Mexico
1998 – Tucson, Arizona, USA

Annual meetings are every Fall alternating between the United States and Mexico.  A variety of social events combined with twelve hours of scientific programs offer an opportunity for you to have a fun, yet educational meeting.  The speakers at our meetings are experts in their field and offer a diversity of topics which allows the members the opportunity to learn about the newest techniques and interesting facts of different types of medicine.